Walking in Moscow – secrets and history of the great city of Russia

Alleys and squares of old Moscow, its legends and secrets. Architectural masterpieces and rivalry of football clubs. Famous names and forgotten heroes. You are waited for by a motley mosaic of impressions or construction of excursion according to your interests and preferences.

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Organization of your independent budget travel in Russia and in europe

You are interested to discover Russia or other 22 countries of Europe? You can of course buy a tour from a travel company. But it is:

1. Too expensive;

2. The tour program is not invented by you and I would like something else.

So you need to come to me. I will develop you a tour of the individual scheme.

You will get full information on possible costs and will be able to plan the budget of your trip. You will have recommendations – what is interesting to visit throughout the approved route and how to do it better. With this information, you will be able to independently, without a travel company, to make an exciting trip to the real Russia and the secret corners of Europe .

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Trips to 20 towns of Russia

Yes, of course, to have information on the route is the main thing. But if you are uncomfortable traveling without knowing the customs and language, if you want not only to explore new places, but also to learn more about them, then I can help you. I am ready to accompany you on your trip to Russia and give you a piece of my love for my beautiful and high-spiritual Homeland.

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I love the city in which I live – a huge and beautiful Moscow. We will make with you a lot of interesting and sometimes unusual walks through its ancient and new streets. I just love the small provincial towns of Russia. Can I show them to you and tell you about them?

And how many fascinating and beautiful aside from the frozen tourist roads in Europe! Come on, I’ll tell you about them!

So, I invite you to relive with me all my encounters and discoveries on the streets and roads of Russia and the world!

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Do you want me to give you a tour of Moscow? Do you need help planning your independent travel to Russia or Europe? Let me know by any means available on my website (e-mail, form filling, social media message, call). I’ll be happy to help you!

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