All my experience of travels for you!

The traveler experiences any happiness twice: when he meets on his way with something unknown before and when he tells others about it. It’s time for me to experience the happiness of all my travels for the second time. Many long ways waiting for you – I have visited almost all European countries and traveled almost half of Russia.

Or they aren’t long for you? Perhaps, you live as times in one of those towns and countries, about which I will tell? Well, then you will see your native places differently – through the eyes of a Russian traveler. And then, for you are all my other travels, which I have made over the past thirty years a lot!

And I love the city in which I live – a huge and beautiful Moscow. We will make with you  a lot of interesting and sometimes unusual walks in my city.

So, I invite you to relive with me all my encounters and discoveries on the streets and roads of Russia and the world!

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