Holiday in Russia – night of museums-2018 with a concert of bells

In the heart of Russia, on red Square, until late at night walking people. All foreign tourists who spend their holidays in Russia, be sure to come here. But this evening people here not just walked, and stood in queues! Is back the days when Russia was difficult with food?
No! It was a queue for spiritual food – in The state historical Museum (about 80 people) and the Museum of the Pokrovsky (Intercession) Cathedral  (12). On Museum night, you can get here for free until midnight. I also went to Pokrovsky Cathedral. This is a very unusual place-the Cathedral-monument. It was built by order of Ivan the Terrible in honor of the victory over the Kazan Khanate. This khanate was the last fragment of the great Empire of Genghis Khan. Masters Barma and Postnikov, who built it, were blinded to never have been able to build such a beautiful Cathedral! Fortunately, these cruel times are long gone and tourists who spend their holidays in Russia are not in danger.

After all, this is not one Church, but ten! Eight small churches surround the big Central one. Each of the churches is dedicated to the Saint, on the day of whose memory there was some victory in the war of Ivan the terrible with the Kazan Khan. And the tenth-the chapel of St. Basil the blessed, the fool, in whose honor is often now called the whole Cathedral.

I found myself in the Cathedral when the evening twilight was already gathering over Moscow. Just once a year, on the night of Museums you can enter under these arches after six o’clock in the evening. The guide took us to the most beautiful of the churches. She spoke of Blessed Basilius before the icon, dedicated to him. It was a Saint who had nothing, not even clothes. He went naked in winter and summer, ate what other people asked him to eat. Basilius had the gift of insight and was not afraid, to tell the truth to the tsar. The Blessed one was so revered that when he died, Tsar Ivan the Terrible himself carried his coffin to the cemetery. When the tour ended, I came to the bell tower. The audience of the unusual concert – the concert of bells has already gathered here. From 21: 30 to 22: 00 at the bell tower of the Cathedral of the Moscow Kremlin bell ringers demonstrated different types of bells, talked about them, as well as about the 12 historical bells of the temple, cast in the XVI-XX centuries, and the bell tower itself. The most famous of the bells of the Cathedral was made by master Ivan Motorin, the author of the giant Tsar Bell. But The Tsar Bell crashed in a fire, and this masterpiece of the master Motorin still sounds. Ivan Motorin was the successor of the dynasty. On the bell tower of the Intercession Cathedral (Pokrovsky), there is a bell of his father, Fyodor Motorin. Here is the conversation of father and son bells. The first sound is the bell of the father, next one is the bell of the son:

For an Orthodox person, the Church of God and the bell ringing are inseparable concepts. The ancient Russian tradition of removing the cap when the bells ring says that the Orthodox people were very reverent to the ringing, which, in fact, is a special kind of prayer. Only this prayer — the gospel-begins long before the service, and it is heard for many kilometers from the temple. And as the Church singing intersects with the prayers of the priest, so the Orthodox ringing symbolizes important moments of the service. Here are some of these beautiful bell prayers:

And this is the majestic Pokrovsky Cathedral itself bathing in the ringing of its bells:

Spend your holiday in Russia and you will be able to see and hear all these beautiful things!


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