Holidays in Russia – free music in Moscow

Spend your holidays in Russia! When you arrive in Moscow, pleasant surprises are waiting for you in the city center. For example, yesterday I passed through Kamergersky lane. It’s not far from the Kremlin. Everyone knows this alley because of the famous Moscow theatres – the Moscow art theatre named after Chekhov. But there is a place not only for theatrical performances. Right on the pavement, the guys from the group GO BRASS staged their show.

How do they manage to play their instruments and dance at the same time? Their enthusiasm captured all passing by, and soon they had a significant audience. Around the corner of Kamergersky lane is Bolshaya Dmitrovka street leading to the Kremlin. On it is another famous Moscow Operetta Theatre. Now there is a musical “Anna Karenina”, staged by the world-famous novel By Leo Tolstoy. During your holidays in Russia, you can easily visit here! And I regretfully walked past, to the metro station “Theatre square”. But before going down to the subway, I admired the building of the House of Unions, which also continues the musical theme.
It is a building with an amazing history, one of the pearls of old Moscow. The house in the classical style was built in the first half of the XVIII century for Prince V. Dolgoruky-Crimean. In 1784, the Moscow noble Assembly bought the house for balls and receptions. The house of the Noble collection, reconstructed by the outstanding Russian architect M. F. Kazakov, becomes the center of public life in Moscow. The great hall of the Noble Assembly is famous for its excellent acoustics as the best concert hall in the city. Within its walls were author’s performances N. D. Rubinstein, P. I. Tchaikovsky, K. Saint-saëns, R. Strauss, F. Liszt, F. I. Chaliapin and other great composers and performers. And in the subway, I was waiting for another pleasant surprise. In the transition to the station “Theatre square” sounded music Vivaldi:

Here are connected by transitions just three Central metro stations. And this is a secret concert hall! After all, classical musicians play in transitions almost constantly during the day. When your holiday in Russia will be, you do not have to buy tickets to get to the concert. You will be able to listen to wonderful music from several groups, just bypassing the transitions between the metro stations.
In addition, all who decided to spend holidays in Moscow, I advise another free concert venue. To get there, you have to go from the station “Theater square” to the station ” Revolution Square” and drive one stop to “Arbatskaya”. Very close to it a 100-year-old cinema “Art” is. Unfortunately, it was closed for a long reconstruction. In the meantime, the area in front of its draped facade was chosen by street musicians:

About the famous New Arbat, which begins here, I will tell you in one of the following posts. Holidays in Russia, walking around Moscow – the best experience that you can get in just a few days!

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