Holidays in Russia – The Childhood Day In Moscow

You can spend your holidays in Moscow with pleasure at any time of the year. Come individually, come in pairs, come with children! There is always something going on here. There are holidays, concerts, festivals. So last weekend pleased us. Children’s day, which is celebrated on June 1, in our country has a long tradition. It was established in 1925 at the world conference in Geneva on the well-being of the younger generation. On the flag of the holiday on a green background, symbolizing growth, freshness and harmony, a sign of the Earth is depicted, and around it – stylized human figures of different colors, which represent diversity and tolerance. This year, June 1 was Friday and Moscow celebrated for three days. The main events were held at the weekend, but there were many interesting things on the first day of the holiday.
For example, in the Historical Museum on the Red Square from 11:00 to 12:00 soloists “Helikon‐Opera” in the image of the heroes of favorite fairy tales held special lessons for the audience. Ballet pas, rhythmic drawings, musical “nuances” and the basics of acting will prepare children for going to any theater. And from 12:00 to 15:00 the program “Historical professions” was held. Medieval merchant and healer, artisan and scientist demonstrated their skills and shared the secrets of skill. Guests were able to take a picture with a favorite character and try on elements of authentic costumes. Tourists who spend their holidays in Russia, in Moscow, first of all, come to the Red Square. As you know, last Friday their children were waiting here for many surprises!
And in the garden” Hermitage “on Friday from 17:00 to 19:00 was held”Cool show”. This is a gala concert, which completed the 12th festival of the Academy of children’s musical. The audience saw the brightest fragments of 28 musicals – participants of the festival, which young artists under the guidance of their teachers prepared during the year.

But most interesting, of course, was on Saturday. On Tsvetnoy Boulevard there was a procession of fairy-tale characters. The actors walked all over the Boulevard, showing everyone their favorite images. Spending your holidays in Russia, you can not only see a lot but also take part. For example, anyone could join this festive procession at the stele on the Trubnaja square (the same station of the metro).

There, at the interactive master classes, young visitors were taught to create figures from sticky tape, sculpt from plasticine, make jewelry and other crafts. In the sports area, you could jump on a trampoline, participate in sports, practice agility and learn unusual sports. The program was supplemented by interactive games with animators and lectures. In the Garden of “Hermitage” was the Big festival of the Moscow art schools. 4 areas of art-music, theater, painting, and choreography – divided the territory of the garden into several thematic areas.

The program of the festival: presentation of the works of art laboratory participants for students of Moscow schools of arts. Students prepared projects in the following areas: art object, art space, architecture, brand, graffiti, music, performance, and light. The festival created a 10-meter graffiti, art object ” Dome of happiness ” and the project “your laboratory of sensations”, where happiness can be touched and tasted. 

The team ” Music “presented” musical gazebo ” with a special program and a set of improvisations. The Performance group will show a series of theatrical performances. On two stages of the Park were musicians of Symphony and brass bands, students and teachers of Moscow schools of arts, participants, and winners of the show “Voice”. On the thematic platforms, there were master classes on playing musical instruments, plein airs and classes in art workshops.
And at parting the most interesting events of the holiday, which could not be visited:
In Sokolniki Park on children’s day will be traditionally organized ice cream festival. Everyone will be able to taste different kinds of this delicacy (ice cream, eskimo, crème brûlée, horns, cups, and granulated ice cream, produced by unique technologies)-and even cook it themselves under the guidance of experienced chefs.
In Gorky Park at the open lessons of future athletes were taught to stand confidently on skateboards and longboards. Your children still don’t know how? Spend your holidays in Russia with them! In the Rose Garden of the Park in the classroom of the Russian geographical society told who are dinosaurs and how to get together in the campaign (12:00). On the ground near Pionersky pond at 15:00 the artists will perform a Show of Vyacheslav Polunin, with the support of the Spivakov Foundation.
And there were: a show of unicycles, a large festival of financial literacy for teenagers, lessons of acrobatic rock and roll and Boogie-woogie, lectures for parents from the Higher School of Economics and flip Studio of children’s TV channel ” Oh!”
In the shopping Center “Aviapark” (metro “CSKA”) artist clowning Django Edwards performed a performance for the whole family “Laboratory of joy”.This is a big show where there is no hard scenario and predictable ending. The result depends on the audience, their mood and willingness to participate in the program. In addition to Edwards, the audience was met by artists on stilts, mimes and 25 clowns from around the world.

In the Park “Krasnaya Presnya” was held the annual festival KidsRockFest, which worked two scenes and several interactive areas. The concert was part of the group Beatlove, Jeans N ‘ ROSES, putsch, Easy Dizzy, was a fashion show from the rock-Atelier Eiri Greene and baby model Agency Top Secret Kids and the play of the theater “Merlin”. On the stage of “Magic Island” performed for the guests of the young participants of the TV shows “The Voice” and “New Wave”. The musical program was continued by the groups “Kvartal”, The Crossroads,” animated films”,” adventures of electronics ” and Kids Rock Band. For arranged rock shops, the area of animation, sports area, and other activities.
As you can see, spending your vacation in Russia, you can not only relax but also learn something new!

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