To spend a holiday in Russia – Мay 1 in Moscow

May 1 in Russia is a great holiday for everyone. For some people, this is the occasion to remember the great times of the Soviet Union and to arrange a meeting with red flags. For someone-a great opportunity to plant vegetables and flowers on his plot of land outside the city. And for all guests of Moscow and all active residents of the capital – a holiday of good weather, filled with events and opportunities. In our Northern country, the calendar spring does not coincide with the real one, and, in fact, may 1 is the first spring holiday. At this time, the leaves bloom on the trees, and really the sun is beginning to warm.

A little statistics: this year the celebration of May 1 took place in 170 cities of Russia. Almost 2.5 million people took part in them. But that’s not the only holiday in Russia. It is celebrated in many countries of the world as Labor Day, and not by chance. It’s just a very natural holiday. Our ancestors celebrated on this day the beginning of a new season of fieldwork. And it means – labor. And now May 1 is Labor Day. So that all correctly!
So, Мay 1. In the morning, a festive procession passed through the main streets of the capital. This tradition has existed for 128 years. There was the Russian Empire then. At the same time, this day began to celebrate workers in Europe and the United States. However, after the collapse of the Soviet Union was a break for 23 years – the celebration resumed only in 2014. May day’s procession in Moscow is colorful and unforgettable. So if you decide to spend a vacation in Russia, then you should take part in it. The feeling of unity with hundreds of thousands of people is unforgettable! For example, this year it was attended by about 120 thousand people. This is the most massive action in the country. People came, although this morning in the capital was full of rain. But by the beginning of the procession, the weather had improved, the sun came out of clouds.
If you decide to spend your next vacation in Russia, come to Moscow and join the May day’s action! You don’t need any passes, invitations and an admission are free. As a rule, the columns of people are formed from 8.30 to 10.00 near metro stations “Novokuznetskaja” and “Tretyakovskaya”. Route: everybody goes along the Bolshaya Ordynka street, across Moskvoretsky bridge to the walls of the Kremlin, and then – past the fabulous St. Basil’s Cathedral on Red Square. At the head of the procession, this year followed along the President of the Federation of independent trade unions of Russia Michael Shmakov and the mayor of Moscow Sergey Sobyanin. Meet our mayor: in the photo, it is easy to find out – he is the most slender and fit!

For me, the first days of may were marked by the music festival “Moscow spring a Capella 2018″. In detail, I will tell about” Moscow spring ” in a separate post. And here – about curious and interesting events which happened to me on May 1. If you decide to spend a vacation in Russia for the may holidays, something like that can happen to you!

Concert venues, where participants of the festival performed, are scattered throughout the city, especially in the center. Having learned the schedule of performances on the festival website, I planned to watch the concert of “Cluster group” from Genoa, Italy. It was to be held at 14.00 on Revolution square behind the monument to Karl Marx at Revolution square. This huge and impressive monument of solid blocks of gray granite was erected in 1961. Who’s Karl Marx? It is the ideological inspirer of all Communists of the world and Russian – first of all! And, of course, where else should they hold their festive rally, if not near this monument?

That turned – Communists addressed by Marx, and “Cluster” – behind him! And all would be well, but that’s only due to the rally was blocked all the traffic around, and the artists were cut off from all who would like to approach them. The audience was not at all – the whole huge area was empty. I saw and heard artists, but could not approach them closer, than on 200 meters. Only such a resistant audience like me will watch the concert in such conditions. And I really became their only audience in front of the stage sat only a few volunteers – curators of the festival, who accompany the group from the site to the site. These are not real spectators, so we can assume that “Cluster” performed their concert for me alone. I supported them with my applause, and they waved to me after every song.

Then a man separated from the group of volunteers in front of the stage and crossed the square diagonally to my direction. He walked to the minibus on 1 channel of Russian TV, who was standing close to the fences. Will he really climb over them? No, it turned out that near of the van is a passage between sections of the fence, invisible to anyone. I immediately took advantage of this passage in the opposite direction! The guards on the perimeter fence took me for just another employee of the television and not stopped. Hurray! Now I’m near the stage and sit on a bench right in front of the artists.

Unfortunately, their performance soon ended, but they gladly agreed to take a photo with their only audience at this concert!

But my mayday adventures didn’t finish. Just this day there was the celebration of the 90th anniversary of the opening of the main Park of Moscow – the “Central Park of Culture and Rest named after Maxim Gorky”. Those foreigners who spend their holidays in Russia, call it short: Gorky Park. In honor of the anniversary, a parade of sports fans was planned in the Park. However, none of the Ministers of the Park could tell me exactly where the parade will begin. On the website of the Park, this place was called, but I observed no revival and training there. And again, for the second time this day, Russian television came to my aid. This time, I was helped by 2 channel “Russia”. It’s funny! The most popular channels in Russia – 1st and 2nd and they both helped me at May 1. It was real Day of Russian Television in my life! How did “2 channel” helped me?

I noticed near me a bored film crew of this channel and rightly judged that the media should know everything. So I went to them: “Guys! Well, you’re here at work, and you probably know where the parade is going to start!” “- No, no one knows, not even our press center. Just here, the position of which can be seen from two avenues. If only they did not go along the waterfront!”-“Well, then, I’ll stay near you, can I?» – «You are welcome!»
Then another breathless newsman came to us: ” Urgently move towards the exit at the Crimean bridge – the parade starts from there!” “- Is that right?”-Nastya called from the press center, she was told by the Park administration!»

The film crew and I together with them, accelerating a step, moved in the specified direction. And here it is, the coveted column, preparing to begin the procession. Headed the column, of course, not the mayor of Moscow, but also an unusual person. It was a robot specially designed for this event in the Moscow science city “SKOLKOVO”. When representatives of the Russian channel with me came up, one of the participants in the parade were carefully wiped with a cloth the polished surface of the robot.

Immediately the leading columns of the received multi-colored balloons and bottles of bubbles. The procession was attended by columns of runners, gymnasts, fencers, chess players, dancers, rollers.

And here are the slogans on the banners: “Sit on the twine!”, “Fencing is the art of applying injections without getting them”, ” May, Park, run!”, “Crossington – new sport, new opportunities!”, “Play chess-learn to think correctly”, ” Live, love, dance!”. Try to guess what column is what a banner was.

The procession passed along all the alleys of the Park and ended with a concert of “Medical” at the Central Fountain. Don’t you know this group? It is in vain! It’s a very nice mix of funk, soul and clockwork disco. About their speeches, musicians say without false modesty: “Sweet oblivion in rhythmic sound waves you guaranteed.” Listen to their song ” Oh, Marfa!” you’ll understand.

Well, that’s how it is. Until the next mayday!



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