Where to start exploring Moscow?

You flew to Moscow, got to the hotel, left your Luggage there and decided to walk. The first thing you will encounter is the Moscow metro. And this meeting will be pleasant for you! Unlike subways in many other cities of the world Moscow metro is not just a means of transportation. This is a real masterpiece of art, in the creation of which many architects, sculptors and artists have participated over the past 85 years. The first station of the Moscow metro was opened in 1935, and it began to build two years before. Moscow metro keeps a lot of secrets and discoveries. You want to know about them? When you come to Moscow, give me a call. I will gladly walk around Moscow with you and tell you all about it. And it is better to email me before leaving to Moscow. It’ll be easier to plan our meeting. And then, you certainly want to know not only about the Moscow subway? Write, call, I will wait your issues!


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