Holidays in Russia – Moscow festival “Fish Week”

The festival “Fish Week” in 2018 was held in Moscow for the 4th time. This time “The Week” lasted for 10 days – from 17 to 27 May. Those who decided to spend their holidays in Russia had the opportunity to take part in it.
And the very first festival “Fish Week ” was held in the spring of 2015. It had such a success that they decided to make it annual. It wasn’t surprising. This festival was visited by 5 million people, who sold 300 tons of fish. 

This year the festival had 12 venues. 40 suppliers of products from 10 Russian regions presented 100 species of fish and seafood. But the festival is not only about trade. There were master classes, performances, and concerts, lectures. The Central platform of the festival was the space between Revolution square and Manezh square. As well as trade and entertainment were on the New Arbat, Kuznetsk Bridge, and Tverskaya square.On Kuznetsk Bridge, near CUM (Central department store), opened trade pavilions with a large selection of fish and seafood, festival cafes with delicious dishes, as well as houses for educational and creative workshops. During them, visitors could learn many interesting facts about the Pacific Ocean, Black Sea, Azov and Mediterranean seas and their inhabitants, painted wooden fish and eco-bags with their own hands, learned to decorate gel candles with colored sand and shells. In the evenings, art objects in the form of reflective fish and seaweed with lighting, sea urchins turned the area of the CUM into a fantastic underwater world.The Tverskaya square at the time of the “Fish week” was flooded with the inhabitants of the oceans. Visitors walked among the strange fish, sea stars and hedgehogs. Dive into the beautiful water world was under the songs of the sea theme in a jazz arrangement! The menu of the restaurant, which was located on this site was attended by fish cutlets Pozharski of five species of fish, buayabes (famous French fish soup) and pancakes with red caviar.On Novy Arbat, everyone could see the street photo exhibition devoted to travel in Russia, fishing and photo hunting. In the pavilion near the house number 13 taught to make original author’s cards on the marine theme. This unusual souvenir will be a wonderful gift and a vivid reminder of the Moscow fish festival!Revolution square during the “Fish week” turned into a jazz festival. Jazz was played every evening after 20 hours.

And before that, on this stage, there were events in the life of dolls. Their performances were brought by teams from seven cities – from St. Petersburg to Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk. Those who decided to spend their holidays in Russia did not need to travel to all these cities to enjoy these performances. Most of all I liked the performance of the puppet theater “Doll House” from St. Petersburg. It is called “Carnival” and it is intricately intertwined with 4 different love stories. The play is suitable for adults and children. Children rejoiced in his entertainment, and for adults remained his philosophical content. This story is about not putting off happiness…

After the performance, we saw the wizards who revived the dolls.And from 19 to 20 hours all these days, the audience participated in a dance performance-flash mob about Sinbad’s travels to the EastThe presentation style was minimalist – all actors in white! The sailor met Shaolin monks on the way, who demonstrated their martial art, whirling dervishes, Japanese geisha, dancing amazing dance, Indian jugglers. In between performances, actors in unusual costumes of the inhabitants of the depths played with the visitors of the festival, offering them to catch “Fish” – kites on the rod.” Another game – “Sea Calabro”. Here it was necessary to throw special rings on the tentacles of an octopus doll, controlled by actors. The actors entertained the children and looked after them at the same time so that their parents could buy all the seafood they needed.They agreed to look after me a little!A lot was done for children at the festival. They could be swaying at sea creatures,could catch fish for themselves,could play with the inhabitants of the deep sea:More than 30 Moscow fish restaurants presented their best dishes. For example “pan-se” with salmon, mussels in white wine, squid on the grill. But other gastronomic hits: smoked shrimp on ice (Boston Seafood & Bar); grilled monkfish (“Monkfish”); crab on the grill (“Mumiy Troll Music bar”); fresh crabs (bar “Cancer Tishinka”). 100 grams – 440 rubles (6 euros).The big “ukha” is the traditional top of the Moscow ”Fish week”. Ukha is a Russian traditional fish soup. Everybody like fragrant and rich fish soups! This dish seems especially tasty in the fresh air: outside the city, in the forest, on the bank of the river… or on the site of the city’s main fish festival. A show on the cooking soup, it always attracts hundreds of spectators! This is both locals and tourists who decided to spend their holidays in Russia.Each festival Ucha is different. For example, in the spring of 2016 at the “Fish week” Muscovites and tourists were pleased with a big fish soup with a crab and sockeye salmon. And at the next festival, it was made from stingrays.
At the ”Fish week ” -2018 the main ingredient of fish soup is the legendary sardine Iwashi! Almost a quarter of a century the fish were impossible to find on sale: large-scale fishing iwashi ceased in 1992 – and only in 2016 the company “Dobroflot” resumed her fishing. This delicious and incredibly useful fish requires almost instant processing – so canned and preserved from it make directly in the sea, on floating factory “Vsevolod Sibirtsev.”The master class of cooking lasted about two hours, but the time flew by the host of “Radio dacha” Denis Chudaev and the chefs shared with the guests fishing funny stories, culinary secrets and, of course, a great mood! Everyone has a chance to eat this soup, it turned out about 100 liters. In total, guests of the festival ate more than 500 servings of fish soup. And those who did not have time to fish soup on May 26, could eat free paella on Sunday, May 27: Spend your holidays in Russia during the next festival and you will be able to enjoy many delicacies of Russian fish!

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