After holiday in Russia-a little spring in France

I wrote about a music festival that was still going on when I left Moscow. Where?  After you will spend your holiday in Russia, I advise you to go to France.
I flew to Marseille with a stopover in Paris. I had 5 hours between flights and spent a couple of hours walking around Paris. I wasn’t chasing anything special, I just spent time around Notre Dame de Paris.

The Cathedral square met me with the pavilion Of the “feast of bread”. Paris seemed to say to me: “not only do you have holidays and festivals in Russia!”The pavilion sold all kinds of bread and held a master class on baking. And did not stand in line to buy some masterpiece of bakers, just happy for all this beauty.
I also avoided the queue for the entrance to the Cathedral – I visited it in my past visits. At the same time, in the past, I found that behind the Cathedral there is a cozy Park where you can have great snack sandwiches on one of the benches. That’s where I went. There were pigeons and children.Аnd more, there was a beautiful view of the altar part of Notre-Dame de Paris (the Cathedral of our lady of Paris). On this hot day, it was nice to walk along the Seine, watching the boats and the famous waterfront of Orfevr (Quai des Orfèvres), known from the novels of Georges Simenon. And here’s Le Pont Neuf (the New Bridge). Probably, it is time to include it in the Guinness Book of Records – it remains New for 412 years! Over the bridge – parking for boats. I spent a few days in Provence. We will talk a lot about this wonderful region. Silence and games of horses.

The most remarkable this time: flowering poppies and an exhibition dedicated to laughter, where you can find everything related to it – from the objects of tickling to the results of scientific research. The main conclusion of science – laugh often and more!

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